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TESOL Canada Courses


TESOL Canada is internationally recognized by Canadian Second Language Teachers Association CLTA, United States Distance Learning Association USDLA, TESOL USA, TESOL Quebec, Chartered College of Teachers U.K, Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada AAAC, International Council for Open & Distance Education ICDE, International TEFL Association IATEFL, Ministry of Canadian Heritage & Culture – Language Portal of Canada, Ministry of Employment, Canada – Emploi Quebec # 0059212.

TESOL Canada Locations

Montréal, Québec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Mexico City, Monterrey, Karachi, Kolkata, Tehran, Shenyang, Beijing, Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Istanbul, Antalya, Dubai, Doha, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.


Get an opportunity to earn while you travel!

Get an opportunity to earn while you travel! Travelling and at the same time getting to earn and fund your travelling expense is quite a lucrative combination for the travel enthusiasts. With English gaining a lot of importance and non-English speakers motivated to learn it, there has been an increasing demand for teachers adept at teaching ESOL, who can acquaint the non-English speakers with English language.

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ESL Jobs Middle East

Middle East is a hot spot for the ESL teachers. The countries in this part of the world pay very high salary to its English teachers, which is tax-free. A TESOL certified teachers with good academic qualifications could expect to earn a lot in the Middle Eastern countries. The countries where the demands of ESL teachers are considerably high are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Yemen.

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Turn your dream of teaching English abroad into reality

Brace yourself. TESOL CANADA recognition is meant to be your stepping stone in the field of TESOL. Globally institutions recognize accreditations and TESOL memberships awarded by TESOL Canada across Canada, USA, UK, the European Union, South- Central America, and Asia. We can help you acquire the skills and competencies needed to teach English to the Speakers of Other Languages through our online TESOL courses.

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03 June, 2019


Recently, the U.S. Congress made a bipartisan request for a national commission to study the state of language education in the United States....

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03 June, 2019


Dual language education can refer to a variety of programs and practices. Most broadly, DL programs use two different languages for instruction of core...

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