English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Schools of all types, international, public of private appoint TESOL certified English teachers for the advancement of their students. There are schools in the cities of Thailand, in the suburbs and also in the islands where it is possible to get an ESL job. Teaching Thai kids or even adults can be very challenging as the level of English is quite poor. For a kid the teachers are the only or may be the first source of this language.

Teach English Thailand

Thailand is truly a land of thousand smiles, spicy food, pristine beaches and numerous gorgeous islands. It has one of the biggest tourist industries in the world and people from all over the world come here to have a gala time. Some of the natural gems of Thailand are Phuket, Krabi Island and Chiang Mai. Thailand is also a paradise for people who love to shop until they drop. In cities like Bangkok, there are numerous malls where you will find consumerism at its best. The growth of tourism has significantly increased the demand of English knowledge in Thailand, as the hospitality industry is the pillar to their economy.

The demand of knowledge of English has subsequently led to the demand for ESL teachers. The second language English teachers are in demand all over Thailand and in recent times, ESL market in Thailand has become one of the biggest in Asia. Most teachers have time of their life while working and staying in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

The TESOL certified teachers in Thailand are paid quite well. It is possible to get 25000 baht to 50000 baht per month depending on the qualification and the experience of the students. Apart from salary, the teachers are given many other benefits and free accommodation. The contracts can be from four months to one year most of which are mutually extendable. The salaries in the rural areas are lower than the urban areas.


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