Career prospects with a TESOL degree

If you are an aspiring English teacher who have an enthusiastic soul and want to explore the world, a TESOL degree is sure to ignite the passion in you. Getting a TESOL certification is a sure way of getting a job with a handsome pay package. With the growth of English communication, the demand to learn the language is also on the rise and the effect is being felt in the field of teaching as well. A TESOL certification provides the scope to teach and travel across the world in exotic locations. Most schools pay lucrative salaries along with added benefits. Having the quality to teach English effectively and being aware of the methods and approaches of language teaching, are most sought after in the field of TESOL. This specialized qualification is one of its kinds and empowers you to make learning an enjoyable and fun experience for the students. So a TESOL course can be the major step in get a job in exotic locations across the globe.

English for the Speakers of Other Languages

In an era of technological advancement, the world is becoming a global village linked together in a single thread by forms of communication. This, in turn, is creating a platform or the need to know English to establish effective communication. As English is seen as a universal language, TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is garnering good market among non-native speakers. This is a more modern term that encompasses the old way of describing this sector of education.

TESOL, is the approach developed for people who came from countries that used English in some capacity, such as in government and business related affairs. These types of learners have a background that includes English, but still requires a formal education to gain a complete comprehension of the language.

Teaching abroad can further your career

Who doesn’t want to go abroad and work there along with getting good remuneration for it! Yes! Sounds exciting already? This is already happening around the world with people who are enthusiastic about it and getting themselves qualified in teaching ESOL. You can get TESOL certified and then teach in your dream destinations across the globe.

Teaching abroad gives real international work experience that is highly sought after by organisations in the globalized era. More than ever, success or even survival in business depends on moving and selling goods and information across borders. It also proves your capability to get used to a new location and to live and work with people belonging to a varied background. In a diverse society of the 21st century, proven abilities to take on newer challenges and adapting to new environment is considered precious. Similar thing is presumed from one’s ability to live and work abroad in sync with the people from varied cultures, backgrounds and languages. Many people tremble just at the thought of speaking in front of a large group or trying to communicate with someone speaking a different language. In such a regard, your capability to command or engage a room is highly advantageous. As an ESOL teacher, you will be engaging students in a classroom for five-six days of class times.

If that’s not all, you get the chance to immerse in a new culture and learn a foreign language along with your wonderful experience of teaching abroad. Be its English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic, the best way to learn to a foreign language is to indulge yourself in an environment where you will be exposed to it and enjoy opportunities to use it constantly.


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