TESOL Jobs and Careers

Get an opportunity to earn while you travel! Travelling and at the same time getting to earn and fund your travelling expense is quite a lucrative combination for the travel enthusiasts. With English gaining a lot of importance and non-English speakers motivated to learn it, there has been an increasing demand for teachers adept at teaching ESOL, who can acquaint the non-English speakers with the four main ways of communication, viz., speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English so that they can be part of the expanding global economy. Life as a TEFL educator is certainly different than the traditional teaching profession; you get to meet different people, experience and soak in the culture of the place and at the same time, receive a handsome pay package and lead a comfortable life, after you have gathered some amount of experience in this field.

Are you the right TESOL aspirant?

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a total newbie in the field of teaching, the decision to pursue a certified TESOL course is never a-too-late decision. What ultimately matters are the zeal and the enthusiasm to become a teacher and think of the contribution and impact that he/she is able to bring on to the students’ life. If you are passionate about travelling and also has the ability to adapt and adjust to the new surroundings, food, culture and its people, likes to step out of their comfort zone and try out new possibilities, is able to maintain one’s composure in the face of adversity, then thinking of a career in teaching ESOL may be a great idea.

What is TESOL?

TESOL – Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language involves teaching to the learners in the most innovative ways whereby the focus is on them rather than on the teachers, as was the norm in traditional teaching methodologies. Here, in ESOL classes, the learners are motivated to interact and discuss with the educators and among themselves more frequently, where they are the active participants in the activities of the class and you as a teacher get to act as a facilitator/mediator.

Unlike a regular nine-to-five job, there can be many new testing times in teaching ESOL, which the teacher can take care only with his presence of mind and of course approaches that he gains through training. Pursuing a course in TESOL and completing it successfully will give you the opportunity to be employed as an ESOL teacher in any place around the world. Teaching a new language and making the learners confident in the language to be used for communication is really a big task to achieve. Teachers with a recognized TESOL certificate will find this task relatively easier to accomplish compared to the non-trained teachers. A certified training will ensure that you are able to do your job with much ease and comfort. A TESOL certificate thus, along with providing the opportunity to travel all around, does not fail to provide job satisfaction among teaching enthusiasts like you.

Varied opportunities as a TESOL teacher

Other than the English speaking nations, it has been found in a recent study that the total English used today, around 80% is used by the non-native English speakers.

Certified ESOL teachers are in great demand across the globe, especially in non-English speaking nations which comprise of Asian countries like China, Korea, India, Middle-East countries, Latin American countries along with the European nations. ESL teaching jobs can very well sustain your living in a foreign land and also provide ample opportunities to lead a comfortable lifestyle there.

Once you become a certified ESOL teacher, you can teach in government, private and international schools around the world. You may even get the opportunity to teach in commercial language institutes as Language Trainers; you make also seek employment in corporate sectors as Soft Skill Trainers/Business English trainers. You may even choose to work as a freelancer and dictate your life on your own terms.


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