TESOL Jobs in Asia and Europe

Asia, combined with its enormous population, an innate commitment to education and widespread economic prosperity, is considered to be the world’s largest TESOL market and the top destination for TESOL teachers – with brilliant options for both newly qualified and experienced English teachers. Alongside Asia, Europe also offers picturesque locations and huge opportunities for teaching English abroad. With TESOL, you effectively buy yourself a ticket to a new career that involves traveling to exotic destinations. All the while, you will be getting paid for doing your job of teaching English and the incentives can be surprisingly rewarding.

Opportunity to gain international teaching experience

In most Asian countries, English has become the second most used language, thereby gradually enhancing its demand in the market. Thousands of teachers are employed each year in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea, in addition to the newly ascendant “Economic Tigers” like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia which represent some of the fastest-growing TESOL job markets on Earth. Asia is considered to be a lucrative market for TESOL teachers and if you can get past the culture shock, then the it will certainly be beneficial for your professional teaching career. The pay package for TESOL teachers in most of the Asian countries are exceptionally good, with benefits like free housing/housing stipend and annual flights to and from your native country. As an ESL teacher, you can either work in public schools as well as private schools.

Teaching English Abroad will make you an adaptable and competent professional

Major corporations are now on the lookout for those with an experience, comfort level, and proven ability to work in varied situations and with people across cultures, a trait one is likely to pick up from his/her experience gathered while TESOL training and/or while living and working as a member of the local community in a various organisations. Experienced teachers who have worked abroad as an English teacher will be able to pick up significant international work experience to prove their capability in terms of handling the rigors and responsibilities of the professional world, and an ability to take on challenges of adapting to a new place and culture.

Teaching English in Asia and Europe

Asia is by far the largest market on the globe for English language teaching and learning. Nearly half of all English teaching opportunities can be found here as teaching jobs in Asia are considered to be some of the most sought after profession in the world. Steeped in history, deep-rooted cultures, and exquisite natural beauty, Asia indeed offers some of the most lucrative opportunities in the world. As you find employment in Asian schools as an English teacher and other organisations most probably in corporate profiles as a Business English trainer, you not only get to earn your livelihood but also get the opportunity to explore Asia’s fascinating and varied cultures.

Europe also offers some exciting opportunities for TESOL teachers and countries in the Central and Eastern Europe like Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria are flourishing TESOL markets. Western European countries are a bit expensive to start with so it’s always better to do your research thoroughly before you pack your bags although Spain, France, Germany and Italy provide some fantastic opportunities for teaching English jobs.

Both Asia and Europe are sure to impress you and take your breath away with their grandeur and beauty. Whether it’s the beaches or the mountains, the massive national parks or the stunning landscapes, these continents are sure to satiate the wanderlust soul in you!



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