TESOL CANADA is Canada’s largest recognized ‘Online TESOL Centre’ and the Only Official Centre to provide standards and accreditations to Teachers of English TESOL, French TFSOL and Spanish TSSOL across Canada and worldwide. In addition to ESL, TESOL Canada’s main purpose is to research, design and upgrade curriculums and standards in teaching 14 international languages. TESOL CANADA recognition is meant to be your stepping stone in the field of TESOL. Globally institutions recognize accreditations and TESOL memberships awarded by TESOL Canada across Canada, USA, UK, the European Union, South- Central America, and Asia. The TESOL Advance program includes Teaching Academic English, TOEFL and IELTS preparation along with TESOL core module that includes methodologies, lesson planning, conversation activities, research on language skills development, research on technological updates, class psychology and student management. The TESOL program is for both native and non-native speakers. Non-native speakers can brush up their language skills and learn all the relevant teaching methods. Native speakers can gain substantial information on how to explain grammar rules, or how to teach reading and writing strategies to second language speakers. Participants review the traditional teaching styles, most popular modern methodologies, and develop advanced online teaching skills along with strategies for preparations of lesson plans and activities.


The TESOL Advance program covers the basics of the foundation program which is also the core module. In addition to TESOL Foundation subjects, touching upon topics like Language Skills, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, Need Based Language Teaching. The program also covers a final research paper with an emphasis on self-study. The tailor-made course provides all the right elements for you to emerge as an efficient educator able to teach learners from varied backgrounds. After completion of the course, you have to take the TESOL Canada Board Exam (TCBE) to get certified.

Our TESOL Advance course is designed to keep you one step ahead of the rest. Get certified and gain confidence before you step into the field of TESOL.

TESOL Advance - Curriculum

Duration – 300 hours

Phase 1 - Introduction to TESOL

Language Acquisition

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Acquisition Vs Learning

EFL teaching

  • Methodologies and Approaches


  • Language Learners and their levels

Phase 2 - The Study of English


  • The structures
  • Contextualizing Grammar


  • Segmental
  • Supra-segmental


Teaching Vocabulary

Phase 3 - Teaching Techniques (Language Skills)

Part I

  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing

Part II

  • Context and Language Modelling
  • Communicative ways

Phase 4 - Classroom Management

  • The components
  • Disaster Management
  • Mixed and large groups

Phase 5 - Lesson Planning

  • Guidelines
  • Format
  • Samples

Phase 6 - Need Based Language Teaching

  • EAP
  • ESP
  • Business Communication

Phase 7 - Teaching Young Learners

  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Songs, Rhymes, Stories and games

Phase 8 - Text Books and Materials

  • Evaluating Text books
  • Types and use of Materials

Phase 9 - Research and Self Study

Course Duration and Fees

The TESOL Advance gives you a deeper insight and is intended to prepare you for a dream teaching career. Whether you’re looking to teach to fund your future travels or looking to start a new career, this internationally recognised course will provide you the highest standard and prepare you with requisite skills.

The duration of the TESOL Advance program is 300 hours of duration.

The course fee of TESOL Advance course` is 600 USD.


The trainees enrolling in our course can expect complete guidance from our experienced tutors who are committed to helping the trainees to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience, the tutors provide great academic support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. You can reach out to them via email. They share their expertise and relevant information related to the course content to help you with your queries.


After successfully appearing for the TESOL Canada Board Exam (TCBE), candidates will be awarded with an exclusive TESOL Canada certificate that is globally accepted and recognized.


The only Official Centre to provide standards and accreditations to Teachers of English TESOL, French TFSOL and Spanish TSSOL across Canada and worldwide.