ESL Jobs Africa

Some of the countries in Africa where there is high demand of English teachers are Morocco, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Tanzania and Egypt. The countries, which were not the colonies of England, require ESL teachers mostly. The teachers here should not expect comfort and luxury as most of these countries are quite poor. However, the teachers will find immense pleasure by serving the poor kids and also traveling to some of the most amazing places in the world.

Teach English Africa - Morocco, Egypt

Africa the ‘Dark Continent’ is a dream destination for most adventure lovers. The vast continent has one of the most diverse landscapes in the planet. The continent of Africa is also known for the exotic tribes, variety of flora and fauna, the wonderful friendly people and diverse culture. Its huge treasures have been attracting visitors from around the world for many centuries now. Africa with all its cultural and natural resources is still the poorest continent in the world. The level of poverty in most of the countries is very high. The incessant civil wars and high rate of crimes worsens the situation even more.

The ESL jobs available in Africa are not same as rest of the world. Most of the schools may expect you to give volunteer service. The schools also do not have any preferences towards native speakers or degree holders. In cities of some of the countries like Morocco and Egypt, there is scope of getting a high paying second language English teaching jobs. The salary of the ESL teacher will vary from country to country. Some schools might also ask for free volunteering service. The normal job contract of the teachers is mostly for six months or a year.


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