International Approvals

Language Portal of Canada

Language Portal of Canada is Canadian Government's Language Resources for all Canadians to improve their French & English, enhance writing, test their language skills, learn Indigenous languages, link to universities, learn translation, and for instructors to improve their teaching skills.

Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada

Founded in 1994, AAAC is a national network of recognized professional accrediting bodies. AAAC advances the knowledge and good practices of its accreditors, and empowers them in their pursuit of excellence in accreditation. With its high standards and verification process TESOL Canada is an accredited member of AAAC.

Council of International Cooperation

Sponsored by Canada Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ontario Council for International Cooperation (OCIC) is a community of Ontario-based international development institutions, global education, and individual associates working globally for social justice, human dignity, and participation for all.

Québec Employment Commission

"Commission des Partenaires du marché du travail du Québec" is the training department of the Ministry of Employment Québec that has approved TESOL Canada to educate teachers, trainers, translators, and language learners in TESOL, ESL, TSSOL, TFSOL, and French language.

IATEFL Association

With over 4,000 members IATEFL is one of the most thriving communities of ELT teachers in the world. IATEFL programs include Special Interest Groups, Annual Conventions, Teachers Associations, Journals, and Scholarships. IATEFL does not provide any accreditation. TESOL Canada is an active Associate Member of IATEFL.

International Council Of Education

With over 150 Institutional Members ICDE is a UNESCO partner in Education. Supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Education, ICDE represents European Union Education on an International Scale. Its Permanent Secretariat is in Oslo, and has been hosted by Norway since 1988. TESOL Canada is an Institutional Member of ICDE.

TESOL USA - California

TESOL USA is dedicated to the advancement of latest LMS methods in online TESOL & ESL education in the USA & abroad. TESOL USA is sponsored by Universal American University in California focused on aligning educators and learners with pedagogical & technological skills.

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

Established in 1970, CASLT has grown from a small team of volunteers dedicated to supporting second language teachers into a multi-level organization. "Second Languages" encompasses both official & international languages. TESOL Canada is an active associate member of CASLT.

USDLA- United States Distance Learning Association

The United States Distance Learning Association was the first nonprofit learning organization in the USA to support distance studies research and development across the complete arena of education, training, and communication.TESOL Canada is a non-profit lifetime member of USDLA.


TESOL Québec supervises both TESOL & TFSOL education in Montréal region. TESOL & TFSOL (DELFI) certify English & French instructors by providing quality education and accreditation to work as Certified Language Teachers in Canada. TESOL Québec represents TESOL Canada in Québec.

British Columbia Teachers of English
As An Additional Language

Established in 1967, the Association of British Columbia Teachers of English as an Additional Language (BC TEAL) is an organization of educators dedicated to the development of the profession of English language teaching. TESOL Canada is one of the Supporting Institutions of BCTEAL.

American TESOL Affiliates

TESOL New York & TESOL Los Angeles are the Eastern & Western TESOL USA affiliates. Currently, TESOL USA serves the USA, South & Central America and provides TESOL & TSSOL (Spanish) teachers' training programs online across the continent. TESOL USA is supported by UAMU.

TESOL Canada has MOU agreements with TESOL Thailand & TESOL Greece.

TESOL Canada has MOU agreements with EMA & LanguageCert U.K.

TESOL Canada is a supporting member of BCTESOL & BCTF Teachers Federation. Apply to TESOL in BC


The only Official Centre to provide standards and accreditations to Teachers of English TESOL, French TFSOL and Spanish TSSOL across Canada and worldwide.